Course Overview


Spring term: Monday 20 January – Monday 23 March 2020


10 Monday evenings 18.00-21.00


John Gridley



You will learn how to create exciting documents that contain both text and images. Using a variety of layouts, you will be taught how to design and create, tri-fold leaflets, magazine spreads, presentation books, PDFs, interactive documents with animation and basic e-publishing.

During this course, you will work on creative projects that help you explore the unlimited text formatting possibilities available, and learn how to set-up for print using the many tools at your disposal.

Your tutor will encourage you to develop your skills, and teach you how to produce documents in a professional environment. You will be guided through all the production process required, from initial customer briefing to final print. During the 10 evenings, your tutor will introduce you to the correct use of colour formatted correctly for the product you are producing, and help you decide the best typeface to use for a variety of situations.

You will be shown how to set-up a variety of documents, prepare and use master pages, format text and create style sheets. Further areas that are covered include, how InDesign can be used to create content for the Internet and mobile devices. To support your learning, you will also be taken through certain elements of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, both of which will help to enhance your use and understanding of Adobe InDesign. The course will culminate in the production of a portfolio of work that will highlight the skills learnt during the course.

Each session will cover a specific area, with examples, and will be followed by a practical tutorial to enhance your design and practical skills.


  • Core InDesign concepts
  • Overview of the Interface and toolset
  • Creating basic Documents & Master Pages
  • Creating & Modifying Objects & Styles
  • Outputting your Artwork
  • Saving for Print, Web & Devices
  • Course files & exercises to take away
  • Post course support via email