Course Overview


Spring term: Thursday 23 January – Thursday 26 March 2020

10 Thursday evenings 18.00-21.00

Charmaine Kay Parkin


This advanced course has been designed to challenge students who already possess some experience in acting and performance or may have already completed our ‘Acting for Beginners and Improvers’ short course at Arts University Bournemouth.

Whether you want to advance your acting skills to tackle a Shakespearian text or take your skills to new levels, this ten-week focussed and practical-based programme will provide you with the applied skills to approach either or both of these.

You will explore various ways to develop an idea, from improvisation, writing techniques and physical theatre. All staying true to the techniques you shall be taught to help dissolve habitual defences to become free, instinctual and a playful actor with the aim of being able to be completely ‘in the moment’ when you perform.

You will explore and examine ways to dissect, understand and play it, whilst being reminded of key approaches to acting and how to apply the techniques. You will then go on to look at different approaches to creating your own work. Starting with a theme, idea or character – exploring different mediums and developing it into the most fitting – be it a comedy sketch show, immersive theatre piece, radio play or musical.

As the course progresses you will continue to develop your own work to present or focus on advancing your acting skills further to perform a Shakespeare monologue or scene.

Throughout the course you will be given advice on how to take your work further to outside audiences and explore the variety of different avenues you can go down.

Your tutor, Charmaine Parkin, is a Theatre Practitioner working as an actor, writer,

director and producer. Who has accumulated vast experience in acting and directing Shakespeare and having written and created many theatre productions for the stage, open-air and in the community. Charmaine’s approach aims to allow her students to access, tap into and activate the sensory brain to balance with the narrative logical mind.

Charmaine has worked with a variety of people to develop acting skills including children, students, professionals and absolute beginners working in a fun, accessible and approachable way.


Emphasis is placed on finding, developing and building confidence in your own voice as a performer or creative

  • The fundamentals of character and story development will be explored through a variety of techniques, enabling you to create believable, fully developed, three-dimensional characters and worlds
  • You will be pushed to explore your full potential as a performer and creative
  • You will be guided through and taught exercises to create your own material to develop
  • You will learn how the industry works from acting to casting to scriptwriting to directing and producing and why it’s called show BUSINESS
  • After refreshing your knowledge on the fundamentals and learning some contemporary approaches to acting you will put the skills you’ve learned into practice in a fun, supportive environment
  • Alongside refreshing yourself with the fundamentals, you will explore new approaches to acting and creating your own work and have the choice to either develop that or continue to develop your skills in performing Shakespeare