Course Overview


Autumn term: Thursday 11th October – 13th December 2018

Spring term: Thursday 17th January – 21st March 2019

10 Thursday evenings 6-9pm

Nick Meaney


Whether you are a complete beginner to acting, or an enthusiastic amateur, this 10-week practical workshop will provide you with a sound knowledge and skill base. The course is designed to teach you how to act as a believable character in any medium.

This introductory course has been written to encourage you to learn from your peers and tutor, whilst introducing you to the fundamentals of acting, allowing you to explore your capabilities and realise your potential.

Your tutor Nick Meaney is a graduate of the prestigious American Academy of Dramatic Arts Los Angeles and made his living as an actor in LA with over 100 Film/TV/Commercial & Radio credits including ‘Titanic’, ‘Gone in Sixty Seconds’, ‘Beethoven’s 4th, ‘X-Files’, ‘The Young & the Restless’, etc.

Nick teaches from experience and will guide you through different acting techniques for theatre, television and film as well as relaying the realities of being a working actor and how the “Business” works.


Emphasis is placed on discovering the psychology and emotional life of everyday characters using skills you already possess but may not consciously put into practice

The fundamentals of character development will be explored through a variety of techniques, enabling you to create a believable, fully developed, three-dimensional character

You will learn how an actor prepares to ‘be’ a character not ‘act’ a character

You will be taught everything an actor needs to know about being a character and all the information required to be believable in a role

You will learn how the industry works from acting to casting to scriptwriting to directing and producing and why it’s called show BUSINESS

After learning the fundamentals, you will move on to very simple scenes (No Shakespeare) and will put the skills you’ve learned into practice in a fun, supportive environment.