Course Overview


Autumn term: Wednesday 7 October – Wednesday 9 December 2020

Spring term: Wednesday 13 January – Wednesday 17 March 2021


10 Wednesday evenings 18.00-21.00

Charmaine Kay Parkin


Whether you are a complete beginner to acting or an enthusiastic amateur, this 10-week practical workshop will provide you with the fundamental knowledge and skills,  giving you the confidence to act as a believable character in any medium.

This introductory course has been written to encourage you to learn from your peers and tutor, whilst introducing you to key theoretical and practical aspects of acting, allowing you to explore your capabilities and realise your potential in a friendly and supportive environment.

Your tutor, Charmaine Parkin, teaches from her experience working as an actor, writer, director and producer.  She has worked with a variety of people  including children, students, professionals and beginners to develop their acting skills and works in a fun, accessible and approachable way. She will guide you through different acting techniques for theatre, television and film as well as relaying the realities of being a working actor and how the industry works.

Students will be introduced to a variety of physical techniques to help build confidence and express themselves freely; these are essential skills to shape instinctual and playful actors who are able to be completely ‘in the moment’ during performance. You will work on monologues and group scenes that allow you to put you newly learned skills into practice and develop yourself as a performer for future theatre or acting projects.


Emphasis is placed on discovering the psychology and emotional life of everyday characters and using skills you may already possess but may not consciously put into practice

  • The essential preparation techniques to ‘be’ a character not ‘act’ a character
  • Understanding the fundamental elements in character development and the essential information required in credible acting
  • Learning how the industry works including acting, casting, scriptwriting, directing and producing
  • Working on monologues and scenes the will put the skills you are learning into practice in a fun, relaxed and supportive environment