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Student working in a darkroom

Black and White Darkroom Experience – Saturday Workshop

A one-day experience – from capture to hand-printing, using professional darkrooms and printing processes that have been fundamental to artistic and journalistic photography for over 150 years. The day will be taught by an experienced tutor who will instruct and guide you through all the stages of this artisan process.

Course overview

Autumn term: Saturday 31 October 2020
Saturday 14 November 2020

Spring term: Saturday 27 February 2021
Saturday 20 March 2021

09.00-09.30 Welcome session with tea/coffee & pastry
09.30-12.30 Morning Class
12.30-13.30 Lunch
13.30-16.30 Afternoon Class

Anne Edwardes


Course details

During the morning, you will learn how to load 35mm film, how to achieve correct exposures using basic camera functions and techniques to achieve more creative photographs. You will then be introduced to the darkrooms and processing areas where your film will be processed in the afternoon.

The afternoon session will be based in the darkrooms, where you will learn how to operate the professional enlargers. You will be taught how to test, expose and print from black and white negatives and to produce photographic prints by hand.

A day to be enjoyed with like-minded people, learning traditional, hands-on, photographic processes from start to finish.

  • Camera functions and set-up
  • Focus and exposure control
  • Creative techniques through depth of field and composition
  • Learning how to process films
  • Introduction to and use of professional darkroom
  • Hand printing black and white photographs in the darkroom
  • Controlling exposure and contrast
  • Continuous guidance and teaching throughout the day

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Photo of Anne Edwardes

Anne Edwardes

BA (Hons), PGCE (HE), HEA Fellow, member of APHE and the IFL. Anne is currently studying for an MA in Photography here at the AUB.

The course aims to:

  • Demonstrate how to load and operate an SLR camera
  • Encourage you to be creative in your approach to taking photographs
  • Explain the necessity of Health and Safety protocols when working with chemistry
  • Provide a creative and safe environment to learn how to develop bw film and operate the enlargers

  • To introduce the principles and practices of the traditional black and white photographic process.
  • To demonstrate how to handle photographic equipment and chemical processes safely
  • To promote a creative approach in visualizing the final image
  • Group or one to one assessment will be given informally as you go through each process

Enthusiasm and a creativity are recommended for this one-day event, previous photographic knowledge or experience would be an advantage but it is not required.

All additional course materials provided as part of the course fee.

You do not need to bring anything as cameras, equipment and all materials are provided.