Your interview

We believe your interview should be a two-way conversation.

We want you to be asking us questions about the course, making sure you fully understand who we are and what we do. Why do you want to study Visual Effects? Are you as passionate about the subject as we are?  These are questions we will expect to have answered on the day.

Applicants are invited for the whole morning or afternoon. We’ll go through your portfolio in a group setting, as we would in industry, so please be prepared to talk through your work and explain your process. After a tour of the Visual Effects course facilities you will have an individual interview where we get to talk to you more in depth about your work and your interests.

If Visual Effects is your passion, we want this to come across in the interview.


What we look for 

You will need to exhibit the skills required for this team-based course and show a commitment to improving your proficiency in the use of 2D and 3D software. Having a positive collaborative attitude is just as important as the quality of your portfolio.


Portfolio Guidelines

At interview there will be a group talk about the course, and later your portfolio will be discussed with you.

This course aims to develop your observational and design skills alongside increasing your technical competence in 2D and 3D software. Listed below are a number of suggestions to help you when you are collecting your work together:

  • Coursework portfolio including examples of visual work across a variety of mediums; your portfolio should illustrate your working process
  • Evidence of interest in the use of 2D and 3D computer software
  • Examples of photography, image composition, design and concept work; you do not have to evidence each one of these but a sample of your best work highlighting your main area of interest and skill would be acceptable
  • Showreel of work if possible, but not compulsory (no longer than 3 minutes).


Electronic Portfolio

If you are unable to attend an interview, Admissions will request a link to an online portfolio – please do not submit a portfolio until you have this request which will give details of how to submit.

We will require a digital portfolio of moving or still imagery – please use the above guidelines to help you prepare. You will need to upload your documents to an online platform such as Vimeo, YouTube, ArtStation, Flickr, Instagram etc.


On the day

  • Please make sure that you plan your journey and arrive on time.

You can download our portfolio guidelines for BA (Hons) Visual Effects Design and Production to help you prepare.