BA (Hons) coursesVisual Effects Design and Production

Studios and resources

On our course, you’ll use the same equipment as the professionals and produce industry standard work.

The VFX course is extremely well resourced with state of the art hardware and industry-standard software tools.

The computers in our VFX “lab” are blisteringly fast and configured to mirror industry best practice in colour management and rendering distribution.

We make the studio a fun and engaging place to be where students feel at home, encouraging team working and collaboration. When you come and visit us look out for the extensive Star Wars figure collection!

Our bespoke Drawing Studio allows students to engage with a variety of traditional disciplines and approaches to drawing, painting and art history.

We take students on a traditional journey that is inherently connected to the artistic discipline that is today’s VFX world. We work with nude models, costumed figures, martial artists, still life and digital reference material to refine our students’ “eye”.

We don’t confine our students to the lab. We make sure that students enjoy their time with us on the course and we regularly organise social events, ranging from paintballing to boat trips and more industry-driven social events with influential industry partners.

This is a major part of the VFX industry culture and consequently part of our environment at AUB. Work hard and enjoy yourself is very much our motto.

Bournemouth film school

We work closely with partners in AUB’s Bournemouth Film School to shoot live action footage for our visual effects project work. This is undertaken within our bespoke green screen facility, with high-end industry standard camera and set equipment.

Our students engage with the filmmaking process, being on set as VFX supervisors and directors. Engaging with this acquisition end of the production process ensures our students understand technical and artistic requirements.