BA (Hons) coursesVisual Effects Design and Production

Course outline

The art of visual effects lies at the heart of contemporary media culture. Its visual language informs the scope and ambition of the stories we tell and the images we create.

From dramatic depictions of impossible worlds to subtle enhancements of everyday reality, its blending of art and technology calls for practitioners who are technically skilled and aesthetically aware. We believe it is essential that these skills are developed in an integrated filmmaking environment. Our BA (Hons) Visual Effects Design and Production course has been devised with input from industry professionals, to develop your understanding of primary visual effects and animation technology and their application in a film production process. There is also a specific focus on traditional art and design skills to inform and enhance your abilities as a VFX practitioner. Once completing our degree course, you will be able to apply your creativity and technical knowledge to enrich the storytelling aspects in a range of films and related projects.

Aims of the Programme

  • To develop strong observational skills through traditional practices in art and design that complement the visual effects process
  • To develop skills relevant to specialist production roles, which includes detailed knowledge of the production context in which these roles operate and an understanding of related disciplines that inform this specialist practice
  • To equip each individual artist with the necessary depth of knowledge to address a range of professional visual effects problems
  • To produce artists with the skills to research, analyze and communicate information as well as interpret briefs to an industry standard
  • To develop knowledge and critical understanding of historical and cultural contexts that inform visual effects practice
  • To develop and nurture an awareness of an artist’s role and responsibilities within the media industry and as part of a team
  • To equip artists with the capability to critically reflect on their personal and professional aspirations

The BA (Hons) Visual Effects Design and Production course has been created in response to an industry demand for visual effects artists who possess strong observational skills and the ability to apply these skills in the composing of a final moving image. In order to cultivate these abilities, the course aims to develop traditional art and design skills as part of a VFX training programme. You will experience a team-based production process that replicates industry best practice; including concept development, on-set data acquisition, asset building, animation and compositing. The course is committed to high quality production values and you will have access to state-of-the-art facilities, using industry-standard hardware and software. This will help equip you with a strong portfolio of visual effects work tailored to a specific production role, and prepare you for entry positions into the VFX industry.