BA (Hons) coursesVisual Effects Design and Production

Paul Hilton

Course Leader

Paul is a practicing artist and animator who has worked on a variety of projects in both digital and traditional. Paul has worked as a 3D modeller and generalist for the last 15 years. Paul also spearheads the traditional nature of this unique VFX course taking students through processes and methods for refining an artistic eye, essential for VFX work, covering; storyboarding, concept and life drawing.

Paul runs the VFX course, helping students realise their aspirations whilst pushing them to reach the highest levels of their artistic abilities.

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Ellie Dupont


Ellie’s specialist areas are texturing, modelling and digital sculpting.

Ellie works as a practicing VFX artist in the film and commercial industries, and has enjoyed working for various studios, including Cinesite, Passion Pictures and Art and Graft.

She has worked on projects for various clients, such as Nike, the BBC, Disney, Paramount Pictures and Toyota.

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Supporting staff

Ian Fellows - Lecturer

Ian currently works for Framestore as a Senior Compositor and lectures on the VFX course one day per week. With a career spanning over 17 years in the VFX industry, he has over 46 high profile film credits under his belt – including three Harry Potter films, Superman, Sleepy Hollow, Paddington and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Ian manages the Framestore Outpost on the AUB campus and has been instrumental in many students gaining their first steps into the VFX industry with Framestore.

You can find out more about Ian’s work here.

Jon Turner - Visiting Tutor

Jon is a full-time Compositor at Framestore London and helped develop the ethos of the course during its conception.

Although he is in London during the week, Jon teaches Compositing and Paint & Roto on the course on a Saturday.

He has worked on over 22 major motion pictures, including Gravity (winner of the Academy Award of Visual effects in 2014), Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Guardians of the Galaxy, The Martian and the 2017 release of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.

He has spent the last year working on Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and is currently on another Marvel movie scheduled to come out later this year. 

Jon mainly works with first year students, helping to improve their technical proficiency and professional engagement.

His aim is to move them to a production-ready level by the end of  their first year.

You can find out more about Jonathan’s work here.