If you meet our entry requirements, we’ll invite you to an interview and ask you to bring your portfolio.

You can download the full portfolio guidelines for this course.

Your interview gives you the opportunity to show us your intellectual and innovative creative ability – and to find out more about life at AUB.

What we’re looking for

The interview panel will be particularly interested to see a favourite item or a piece of visual evidence – not necessarily fashion orientated – which has inspired you.

This will help us talk about your unique personality and identity with you.

Your portfolio is your opportunity to demonstrate and professionally present a diversity of creative skills and innovative work.

We’re looking for evidence of creativity and originality, along with a commitment to studying fashion.

Your portfolio

Below are some examples of the kind of work you should include in your portfolio:

  • Drawing and art-work illustration which reflects use of differing mediums and use of colour.
  • Research-based sketch/ notebooks and annotated visual diaries.
  • Samples of both 2D and 3D work examples which directly relates to your application to the course.
  • Written work, particularly fashion- related; a www, blog, published article, journalistic or analytical review.
  • Digital work examples which demonstrate your understanding of different software programs relevant to the course.
  • Examples of image making, e.g. photographic work, styling, scenography, and film making.