BA (Hons) coursesDrawing*

Course Overview

Drawing is positioned at the very heart of contemporary creative thinking. You will explore the symbiotic and interconnected relationship between drawing and thinking.

Drawing will be studied as an end in itself, as well as a means for exploring other subject areas. Through engaging with the course you will advance your knowledge of the histories and theories relating to drawing practice as well as establishing a creative signature. You will extend your skills in traditional, digital and drawing technologies.

As an AUB student you will produce intelligent, well informed, critically engaged work that goes beyond stylistic aesthetic concerns. Focusing on primary research relating to natural history, human history and science. Drawing practice will be examined through studying museum artefacts and gallery collections, architecture and landscape.

Drawing will be utilized as a fundamental tool to investigate and examine other disciplines. You will develop your expertise in our award winning and purpose built ‘CRAB’ Drawing Studio designed by Sir Peter Cook, along with working in Passiv Haus and our well-equipped Printmaking Studio.

No creative subject stands alone at AUB, so you will have the opportunity to collaborate with other courses. You will extend your academic learning as an independent, self-reflective and agile practitioner, fully equipped for an exciting career within the creative industries or for further postgraduate study.

This course will start in 2018.

*Subject to validation. Please note that the course title might change as part of this process.

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  • QAA 2011