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Course Overview

Drawing is at the very heart of contemporary creative thinking. In this course, you will explore drawing as an extension of thinking.

Drawing can be handmade, manufactured or digital. It can be sculptural, physical, exist in real space or on a screen. It can be sewn or worn, it can move, it can be projected, it can exist on the body: the possibilities are limitless.

What it must do, however, is challenge and interrogate preconceived ideas, notions and traditions. It should make you question the world we live in. Drawing should move minds. This course promotes a celebratory, critically aware and capacious notion of drawing.

On the course, you’ll use drawing as a fundamental tool to investigate and examine other disciplines. You will develop your expertise in our award-winning and purpose-built ‘CRAB’ Drawing Studio, designed by Sir Peter Cook, and work in Passiv Haus and our well-equipped Printmaking Studio.

This course will start in 2018.

Course Philosophy

Drawing is a fundamental expression of our need to communicate. We are all mark makers of one kind or another, throughout our lives.

Contemporary drawing is concerned with the ways in which we relate to each other as human beings, as well as to our environment, communicating and investigating the political, cultural, and historical, and our psychological and physiological selves.

This course celebrates the diversity of drawing; from its capacity for directness of expression, to conceptualising ideas through algorithms and data structures, to mechanical evocations, exploring Eastern influences, topographies, the behaviour and properties of materials, sound and light, to analogous and metaphorical narratives.

Drawing exists equally as an autonomous and self-contained discipline with its own histories, theories and practices, as well as being positioned perfectly to explore the blurring of boundaries across disciplines.


No creative subject stands alone at AUB, so you will have the opportunity to collaborate with other courses. You will extend your academic learning as an independent, self-reflective and agile practitioner, fully equipped for an exciting career within the creative industries or for further postgraduate study.


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  • QAA 2011

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