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Audition Process

Auditions for BA (Hons) Dance at AUB

The day will start with a Q&A session about the course and all candidates take part in a practical workshop.

You will take part in a series of warm ups, followed by a short technical workshop and then a creative workshop. In the warm ups and technical workshop we will be assessing your basic levels of body awareness and technical skill.

The creative workshop will ask you to interact on a creative level with other candidates.

In this session we will be looking at how you work, creatively and interpersonally, with other people. After the workshops, there will be a short break followed by the formal interviews.

Decisions will be made on the day and candidates will be notified via UCAS as soon as possible and usually within two weeks.

Applicants who are unable to attend normal auditions will need to submit a recording in digital format. For more information about this and the audition process, take a look at our audition guidelines.