BA (Hons) coursesCreative Writing

Course outline

The structure of the Creative Writing course is designed to offer clear progression through each level.

Teaching will largely be delivered through lectures, seminars and workshops, supplemented by individual and group tutorials, presentations, and critiques.

crafting with professional writers

This course gives you the opportunity to follow your independent interests and develop projects whilst being guided and mentored by professional writers and/or editors.

This will allow you to explore, experiment, and hone your craft, nurtured by experts in your chosen field of study.

the writing workshop

At the core of the course experience will be writing workshops that provide safe environments for you to read your work in front of your lecturers and peers, to gain invaluable constructive feedback and help you to become a critically reflective writer

This is an essential part of the writing process and you will be encouraged to translate the feedback into your practice through editing and redrafting, whilst also offering generous and critical feedback to others.

Year 1 – Toolkits

BA (Hons) Creative Writing Course Outline

Level 4 is an introductory phase where you are given the opportunity to experience different areas of Creative Writing.

This year will provide you with a toolkit of fundamental creative and academic skills that will underpin your studies and practice beyond the course.

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Year 2 – Looking Outwards

BA (Hons) Creative Writing Course Outline

Level 5 opens up the toolkit acquired the previous year, allowing you to look outwards by applying your skills.

You’ll identify and write for a variety of audiences and undertake interdisciplinary, collaborative projects.

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Year 3 – Living as a Writer

BA (Hons) Creative Writing Course Outline

You will enter this level looking to strengthen existing industry links and networks introduced at Level 5 through further practical engagement and experiences.

You will be encouraged to start looking beyond the course, to develop an awareness and understanding of publishing options, literary agencies, and other creative arts and literature-based organisations, through research and industry visits.

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