“Whilst studying at AUB, I started doing a lot of freelance work. I would strongly advise any creative to do this whilst at University. You never know where it will lead and you can earn good money whilst you’re studying.

The great thing about BA (Hons) Visual Communication as a course at AUB is the variety of skills that is covers. This fundamentally led to me having a wide range of skills sets as well as a broad understanding of the creative industry.

After I graduated, my freelance work grew and there came a point where I couldn’t do all the work myself. I began to to hire staff and set up a company.

We first moved into a small office in Southbourne, then a slightly larger office near the airport. Now we’re based at THIS Workspace in Bournemouth.

As Creative Director, I oversee all forms of project management and creative work flow, whether this is marketing campaigns, web builds, branding projects, photoshoots or design projects.

One of my favourite parts of my job is the fact we’re always doing something different. We work in a variety of industries and offer a wide range of services which always keeps things exciting.

My advice to creatives would be: don’t be afraid to start something. If you have an idea for a business then pursue it.”