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So Far, So Close

Exhibition or Installation – Published 5th Jul 15

Diep-haven festival. Group exhibition. Newhaven Fort, 6 July – 9 August 2015.

Based on a dynamic exchange between two towns, two coasts and two cultural identities, Diep-haven invited people to travel, to explore the expanded Channel territory by ferry. What relationship can be built today with an unknown or fantasised ‘Elsewhere’? Now, in the 21st century, what spaces, near or far, can nourish our imagination? How can we envision an encounter with those who are different from us?  

Show Me Where You’re Going is an installation of drawings and embroideries made during and after workshops held during the 2014 cross-channel Diep-haven contemporary arts festival, In-Between. The drawings presented are all made by passengers who so generously agreed to illustrate snapshots of their journeys, memories, reveries, hopes, dilemmas and missed opportunities. The embroideries are interpretations and record a permanent trace of those otherwise transient encounters.