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Joining in and dropping out: hand-stitching for the self and with others

Conference – Published 27th Nov 14

Hand-stitching is a slow and rhythmic craft that describes both functional and symbolic dimensions of attaching and joining. It surpasses its functional attributes when considered as a material practice that offers particular metaphors for other processes of networking, collaboration and integrity – or even separation and isolation.

This paper discusses examples, taken from my PhD research, of hand-stitching processes that share characteristics with these social modes of interaction – or separation. I compare experiences of my individual stitching practice and my participation in a village embroidery group, and focus on the rhythms and patterns of manipulating the materials and handling the tools to suggest alternative ways of thinking about creating and occupying private and social spaces.

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Publication title Transition: Re-Thinking Textiles and Surfaces
Publishers name University of Huddersfield
ISBN 978-1-86218-127-4