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Hidden values in human inconsistencies: ways in which hand skills enable prized encounters between matter and thought

Conference – Published 16th Nov 11

An increased demand for handcrafted textile products leads us to question reasons why as a society we are expressing such an interest in the hand-made.

Set against the virtual cultures of our post-industrial society there are grounds to consider the qualities and values these objects allude to. The individuality of the hand-made mutely reminds us of the very unique beauty of being human: that we are all different and imperfect. Above all, we are curious and thinking beings endowed with five senses. These crucial attributes form the bedrock of our creative capacities, and the value of handcraft processes lie here. Taking the position that the artefact produced is the residue of a stimulating process of encounter, investigation and interpretation between eye, hand, mind, materials and method, this paper considers the value of hand skills, drawing on observations from a series of hand-stitching workshops undertaken as part of my PhD research.

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