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Making With Others: working with textile craft groups as a means of research

Article – Published 11th May 16

Co-authored with Dr Amy Twigger Holroyd, School of Design, University of Leeds.

This article discusses making with others as a means of researching the experience of making, with a particular focus on textiles. Group textile craft activities are widespread today; however, there are few documented examples of research by craft practitioners taking place in this context. The activities used by the authors, relating to stitching and knitting, demonstrate that ‘making with others’ is a highly versatile approach that can be adapted according to the variables presented by diverse research aims and questions. Shercliff’s research is explored in detail as a case study, with three group making activities documented and evaluated. These examples are used to identify a number of attributes, which support the comparison and development of research-led participatory textile making activities. The strengths and challenges of these methods are discussed: a key strength is the gathering of rich data during creative activity, while a central challenge is the performance of multiple roles by the practitioner-researcher.

Publication details

Publication status Published
Refereed 1
Publication title Studies in Material Thinking
Publishers name Auckland University of Technology
Volume 14
Number of pages 17