BA (Hons) coursesPhotography

Studios and Resources

We support practices from analogue through to high end digital production.

This includes small, medium and large format photography, with C41 negative processing. Students can process and print black and white images within a wet and dry process facility. The department’s digital suite has recently been upgraded to a state-of-the-art production facility with a fully colour-managed work flow. We have a large number of DSLRs, and medium format digital Phase One backs. We have high end Flextight film scanners to cover up to 5’x4′ film. There is a dedicated location store for lending equipment such as portable lighting kits and all camera formats.


  • State of the art, colour managed, digital suite equipped with high-end Apple Mac G5 computers, widescreen monitors, scanners, printers, and x25 macroscopic camera system and all the latest software.
  • Professional standard wet B/W darkroom for any film formats up to 5×4 with UV printing frames for alternative processes and the capability to make very large fibre-based prints.
  • Professional standard dry B/W darkroom with for any film formats up to 10×8 with Ilfospeed processor for the production of plastic coated prints.
  • Analogue colour suite with 12 darkrooms, Chromira 30″ Digital Colour Printer, Autopan 30″ RA4 paper processor, colour analyser and a C41 lab that can process film up to 10×8 inches.
  • 5 Superbly equipped studios with Broncolour Lighting, ring flash, digital and analogue cameras up to 10×8 large format. The main workhorses are Hassleblads with Phase One backs.
  • B/W processing suite including deep tank capability for large formats.
  • All software training is conducted in purpose built Mac suites.
  • We have location store where you can book equipment on out computer system. This includes 35mm (high-end Nikon and Canon digital SLR’s) to large format cameras (Toyo Field), tripods, HD cameras, lighting kits, etc.


  • Teaching on all levels includes visiting lecturers from all areas of the specialism.
  • You’ll be able to use professional lighting studios, black and white (wet and dry) processing facilities and printing resources.
  • There is also a professional quality colour processing and printing resource, together with a range of digital imaging facilities.
  • You have access to a full range of specialised equipment, including time-based kit.