We’re interested in your individual creativity and how you communicate to an audience using your photography.

We’re looking for individuals with a mature outlook and a strong interest in research and contextual studies. Ideally, you’ll have studied a Foundation course – although this is not compulsory.

We’ll be looking for evidence of photographic ability, but understand that not everyone will have access to the resources that allow them to fully execute their ideas. We’d like to see an awareness of contemporary photography and visual culture.


You should include a range of your recent photography work and broader aspects of visual art. We’d like to see both finished examples and work in progress that showcases your interests.

As well as course and school work, we’d like to see independent work including photographic contact sheets, research files, sketchbooks and any other evidence of your ideas.

You could include 10-15 examples of ideas and developing themes in photography, or video work that relates to your interests.

For further advice on what to include, you can download our portfolio guidelines for BA (Hons) Photography here.