We recorded a podcast with Andy, where he shares the story of his career so far. You can listen here.

“I did find the start of my degree quite tough. I was suddenly amongst these really outstanding peers and I felt they were really good at what they were doing. I immediately became unsure about my work.

But I found my feet as I went along and by the time I graduated, I was much more confident. You learn not to compare yourself to others.

I’d always enjoyed shooting sport from a young age. I come from a really sporty family. I was always following my brother around, photographing him while he was playing sport. A sports photography role was my ultimate dream really.

I worked as a Photo Editor at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow in 2014. I was editing in a big office, getting hundreds of thousands of images pinged through to me all day and I would edit them. I would upload them to the archive and sort through them. It was my first taste of working in the industry.

I decided I wanted to be a freelance photographer. I started calling up different people in the commercial industry. It’s all about getting your name out there. I was doing some work for free, working for a lot of friends and just building up my portfolio.

Every job I did, I edited and put on my website. There’s a lot of cold calling at the start and you do get turned away a lot. Eventually, you make one or two breakthroughs and that goes on the website and drums up a bit more support.

I started doing some work for The Sun and News UK. Through them, I was asked to photograph Little Mix at one of their concerts. They’re a big name and they were actually all so friendly. They were doing a charity concert for about 200 of their fans.

It’s about believing in yourself and blagging it a bit – even if you are out of your depth. It’s just going for it even if you feel you’re not ready. You’re trying to stay out of the way and capture the real moment, rather than get just posed photos.

That was a big part of the Olympic brief – capturing behind the scenes moments. It’s the bits that people don’t see on the TV and that brief was a dream one. When they called me and told me what they wanted me to do I couldn’t jump at the chance any quicker.”

You can find out more about Andy here and follow him on Instagram @andyjryanphoto.