BA (Hons) coursesModelmaking

Work experience

Work experience is regularly available throughout the course, and is actively encouraged.

We support students in their efforts to gain experience, although our aim is to enable students to arrange work experience and develop industry contacts independently.

We have close links with the Modelmaking industry, who take on our students for work experience regularly throughout the year. We facilitate work experience opportunities throughout the year which offer students an insight into key specialist areas of modelmaking such as Film Effects, Product Development and Architecture. In addition, we regularly have a selection of live projects available for student participation throughout the year. Live projects and work experience are encouraged at all levels depending on complexity and their relevance to units and the intended learning outcomes.

Year 3 starts with an external brief, where students are responsible for finding a client with a live project or dummy brief, this can also include work experience. Work experience and live projects are also available throughout the third year of studies.

It is the nature of the professional modelmaking industry that a successful graduate will have a range of contacts to build on after leaving AUB. We take this need seriously and aim to complement professional knowledge with an understanding of the context in which modelmakers work.