Our purpose built, and well lit, Modelmaking studio is divided into three separate areas, one for each year group.


Main Studio

Our naturally lit, open plan studio is divided into three areas, one for each year group. Our First and Second year students each have their own bench space with personal storage underneath. Our Third year students each have a dedicated workstation complete with locker and power. There is an active studio culture where collaboration and the sharing of ideas helps to grow a community spirit between makers.

The Maker’s Forum

In addition to our main studio all year groups make use of our “Makers Forum” a flexible space used for a wide variety of activities, such as specialist workshops, demonstrations, presentations & critiques, theory discussions & debates, films & documentaries and student mentor group meetings.

Studio CAD Lab

Our CAD Lab is the perfect environment to work on digital projects with high end PC workstations and a huge variety of software including Rhino 3D, Solidworks, 3DS Max, Zbrush as well as full suites of Adobe, Autodesk and Microsoft software.

 Studio CAM Suite

In addition to the high end digital manufacturing equipment housed in our main workshop, we have our own dedicated CAM Suite. This offers our students direct access to 3D printers, Laser cutters, 3D scanners and table top CNC to translate their digital work into physical forms and advance their knowledge of new technology & techniques.

Additional Resources:

In addition to our very well-equipped main Workshop our students also have access to shared resources within our building including rooms dedicated for Plaster, Life casting, Foam Latex, Moulding & Casting and a spray booth.