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Paul Johnson

Course Leader

A modelmaker with a variety of experience in professional practice. His portfolio covers Architecture, Product, Film, TV & Advertising, Toy, Museum & Heritage, Animation and Prototyping. After working in industry for many years Paul set up his own company ‘Teamworks’ which ran successfully before he moved into education. Paul’s current activity involves broadening the use of digital scanning and digitisation, further exploring the use of digital pens and notepads in order to streamline the modelmaking process, and compliment ‘traditional’ techniques.

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Claire Holman

Senior Lecturer

With over 10 years experience of this course, Claire concentrates on giving 1st year students a thorough and enjoyable introduction to professional modelmaking, Claire has recently made changes to update the programme. Study of product design has been updated, with contemporary objects and a new ‘Media Solutions’ unit has been evolved to concentrate on film, TV and Stage/Theatre modelling. As part of Claire’s research project for the AUB, she is exploring the opportunities for sustainable materials to be used in the design and making industries.

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Will Strange

Senior Lecturer

Will joined the team in 2008 as a Senior Lecturer. Bringing current knowledge of the architectural modelmaking industry, he is committed to ensuring that the programme remains relevant to contemporary practice. With first hand experience of the growing importance of digital media in the modelmaking industry Will is well placed to help prepare students for the wide range of options upon graduation. Given the need for students to record their achievements and improve the presentation of their portfolios, Will is working to make photographic study a core element the program.

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Andrew King

Senior Lecturer

Our dedicated critical theory tutor has a varied and distinguished background in design, craft and education. Andrew academic practice has included lecturing on design and theory for MA courses and publishing articles in design journals. His input has helped many of our students to ‘write’ as well as they can ‘make’, enabling them to fully appreciate the context for their modelmaking studies.

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Graham Wood


Graham is a puppet maker, animator and practicing modelmaker with experience of modelmaking for museums, TV and the architectural industry. He has developed and taught a series of successful evening classes and our own ‘Saturday Art School’ modelmaking workshops.

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Supporting staff

Val Adamson - Visiting Tutor

Val is a classicaly trained sculptor who regularly works with BA (Hons) Modelmaking students to produce realistic figure models. She is an expert in achieving a likeness in clay and all of our students will have the chance to sculpt one another during the 1st year.

Martin Adamson - Visiting Tutor

Martin is a generalist modelmaker and sculptor, with a long experience of the stop motion animation industry, and surfing the severn bore.

He joins us here at AUB to help students to develop animation characters and puppets, and to lecture about professional practice.

Diane Teague - Architectural Modelmaking Advisor

A director at Foster + Partners architects, Diane has huge experience of architectural modelmaking. She is a director of the extensive modelmaking workshops at Foster + Partners’ offices.

Diane helps the course to stay up to date with development in the professional world, including the use of rapid prototyping by modelmakers.

Lucy Longford - Visiting Tutor

Lucy is an experienced designer and maker who specialises in puppets and costumes. She has made costumes for stage productions, TV advertising and live music events.

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