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Interviews and Portfolios

Interviews are an opportunity for you to demonstrate to us your self-motivation and commitment to your area of study.

We will be particularly interested in exploring how you have responded to a given brief from your school or college. We will expect to see written as well as contextual work, with samples of three dimensional pieces you have produced (ideally the pieces themselves or a photographic record of them). We would also like to see sketchbooks which demonstrate thinking and curiosity, and some observational drawing. If you can provide samples of work which you have produced outside of your studies this will also help reinforce your portfolio.

What we look for

This course aims to develop highly skilled, insightful and creative graduates and students will need to show creativity, passion and enthusiasm towards a modelmaking career. You should be able to demonstrate three dimensional ability, observational drawing skills, curiosity and problem-solving skills, theoretical understanding and a real interest in design.

What do you need to see in my portfolio?

There are five elements that we expect to see in your portfolio of work at interview:

  • Final outcomes of projects covered in the current or most recent course on which you have studied.
  • Sketchbooks and worksheets that evidence research, experimentation and design development.

(We are particularly looking for a progression or development of an idea into a final solution)

  • A written document (essay preferred)
  • A physical piece of 3D work (something we can handle)
  • Life drawing (not necessarily figure drawing but something that is drawn from life)

We do not expect to see, but would like included, any examples of digital work (Photoshop or CAD drawings).

Examples of hand or machine made 3D Objects, Sculpting, Painting, Printing, Drawing, Film, Animation, Ceramics and Photography are all relevant if available.

Portfolio Guidelines

Download BA (Hons) Modelmaking Portfolio Guidelines

Further information

For additional information about How to apply and entrance requirements please go to our Apply section.