BA (Hons) coursesModelmaking

Course outline

The course is structured to provide students with a good introduction to the tools and materials used by professional modelmakers before providing opportunity to practice these skills and build a varied portfolio of work.

The first year begins by introducing the fundamentals before brief studies of the major disciplines in which modelmakers work. The second year concentrates on understanding the professional world and the reasons for making models. The final year of study is an opportunity to build a focused, or broad, portfolio ready for graduation and a rewarding future career.

As students progress they have more and more freedom to choose the focus of their studies. With guidance from staff, third year students are expected to be able to choose appropriate things to make with greater autonomy.

Modelmakers often work with other students at AUB on collaborative projects. An annual collaborative project with BA (Hons) Architecture recreates an architectural competition, modelmaking students helping architects to develop and communicate their ideas. Masks, costumes and other details are often made with the collaboration of BA (Hons) Costume and BA (Hons) Fashion. BA (Hons) Animation develop many characters and storyboards that are realised by modelmaking students.

Study time

Study is divided across taught hours, studio and/or work environment time, and independent study. Excellent professional and technical support is available and students are encouraged to experiment and work collaboratively on self-initiated projects. We expect students to spend an average of 40 hours per week on their studies, although it is likely that these hours will vary throughout the academic year.

The course is broken down into the following formats of study:


Year 1

BA (Hons) Modelmaking Course Outline

Year 1 introduces you to all the core skills of a professional modelmaker: Making processes and techniques, design thinking, and the essential function of the model as a form of communication.

Previous assumptions about skills, methods, thought processes, and representation are challenged, reframed, and developed to build the necessary foundations for professional practice. Teaching seeks to move you swiftly from ‘rule-seeking behaviour’ to independent decision making.

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Year 2

BA (Hons) Modelmaking Course Outline

In the second year you continue to develop your understanding of modelmaking as communication.

Interpretation and representation are studied and practiced in a variety of different professional contexts.

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Year 3

BA (Hons) Modelmaking Course Outline

In Year 3 you’ll work on more in-depth and complex studio projects and carry out a major theoretical piece of research.

In the final year the direction of the course and of your decision making, is firmly towards the outside world as characterised by clients, the industry and audiences. As part of this however, there is a continuous process in which you are expected (through research and work experience) to ‘benchmark’ standards of performance, and to define, manage and meet your own personal standards of excellence.

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