What you’ll study

Level 4 (First Year)

Your first year introduces you to the core skills of a professional modelmaker. These include making processes and techniques, design thinking, and the essential function of the model as a form of communication.

You’ll challenge, reframe and develop your previous assumptions about skills, methods, thought processes, and representation to build the necessary foundations for professional practice. Teaching seeks to move you swiftly from ‘rule-seeking behaviour’ to independent decision making.

You’ll explore design ideas, critical thinking, visualisation skills and interpretation. You’ll attend specialist demonstrations and practical studio and workshop sessions.

Level 5 (Second Year)

In the second year, you’ll continue to develop your understanding of modelmaking as communication. Interpretation and representation are studied and practiced in a variety of different professional contexts.

You’ll turn your attention outwards to clients, industry and society as a whole. Engagement and interaction with industry, audiences and consumers (in the form of live briefs where possible) are integrated into the curriculum, as is research, reflection and the use of writing to develop understanding.

We’ll encourage you to develop interests and lines of enquiry which will inform the choice of creative and career directions in the third year.

Teaching seeks to facilitate your self-discovery and to build your confidence in pursuing independent paths in skill development, reflection and inquiry, and in choosing career directions.

Level 6 (Third Year)

In your third year, you’ll work on more in-depth and complex studio projects and carry out a major theoretical piece of research.

The direction of the course and of your decision-making is firmly towards the outside world as characterised by clients, the industry and audiences.

As part of this, there is a continuous process in which you are expected (through research and work experience) to ‘benchmark’ standards of performance, and to define, manage and meet your own personal standards of excellence.

You’ll carry out a ‘live’ or simulated project, working to a client-led brief which must succeed within the constraints and expectations of the commercial world. You’ll learn about the professional aspects of model making and running a business.

Your final major project is designed to promote your professional intent, direction, creativity, individuality and strength in your specialist area.

Your third year traditionally culminates in a show in London where you can meet potential employers.