BA (Hons) coursesInterior Architecture and Design

Staff Research

Russell Gagg BA (Hons) MArch (Manc) RIBA:

Research Interests:

Russell has recently published “Interior Architecture: Textures and Materials” for Bloomsbury as well as articles for Society Journal, SBID (UK, 2013). As a member of the Interior Educators Group (IE Group) and the Architectural Humanities Research Association (AHRA) Russell’s main research interests lie in the identity, symbolism and meaning of the materiality and form of the built environment; the semiotics of materials within architecture and interiors; craft-art-architecture-meaning.

Michael Cavagin BA (Hons) PG Dip Arch (Sheffield), ARB

Research Interests:

Michael is currently undertaking a PGCE, addressing such issues as inclusive learning,  differentiation and assessment methods,  and incorporating such practices into teaching within the course.

Michael’s research interests, developed through practice, relate to the exploration of notions of place within interiors, through  thematic and historical considerations, and how they are manifested in design through construction & changing technology.

In developing the Level 5 Work Placement option, Michael is exploring ways in which professional practice can be integrated into interiors education in a more structured format.

Sonia Nicolson BA (Hons) PG Dip Arch (Edin), ARB, SBID:

Research Interests:

Currently working in collaboration with the Society of British Interior Design (SBID) and demagazine on a number of publications, Sonia has previously been published by Society Journal, SBID (UK, 2013), Society Interior (India, 2010), Inside Outside magazine (India, 2009).

Sonia holds a strong interest in the continued development of higher education through her research and was a conference delegate at the 2nd International Conference on Design Creativity (ICDC), (Glasgow, Sept 2012). Interested in cross-disciplinary collaboration, she has introduced Collaboration Week, where a number of motivational workshops are run across all years.  Her previous studies and ideas on this have been explored with a paper presented and published at IIT Delhi’s conference on Design Education (India, 2010) where Sonia chaired a session on Higher Education.

Focussed on bringing ‘real’ experience to students, Sonia has developed projects which look at designing within a developing context and natural disaster response which challenge her students and open their minds to scenarios beyond the typical residential or commercial unit.  Her time spent in India exposed her to disadvantaged sectors of society and so an interest in the social living and working of developing areas was born.  This August she travels to Ecuador to participate in a series of workshops which look at Change by Design, based on a collective notion of well-being and social organization, working in neighborhoods with both international practitioners and residents.