BA (Hons) coursesInterior Architecture and Design

Interviews and Portfolios

Interviews are an opportunity for you to demonstrate your commitment and self-motivation, and to discuss aspects of your chosen course.

Your portfolio should demonstrate a clear interest in design and should show as wide a variety of your creative work as possible. This might include project work (2D and 3D), sketchbooks, drawing (observation and imagination), making (photographs of models or large work are acceptable), research and analysis, and written work.

What happens at the interview

Interviews normally last one hour with a short presentation by the course tutor to help you get a better understanding of what the course is about. There will be a chance to ask questions here and meet some of the students already studying with us. You will then be taken for your interview where you will need to bring your portfolio and sketchbooks. You will be asked some questions about your studies, interest and hobbies, and reason for selecting to study Interior Architecture and Design. You will then be asked to show your work and given a short explanation of the work, this will last between 15 to 20minutes and is informal. Try to relax and answer all questions as best you can. After the interview you will be offered a tour of the campus where you can see the facilities on offer.

What we look for

You will be expected to display a good standard of traditional design skills and it will be an advantage to demonstrate additional digital skills. Evidence of your creativity is important and a passion for design and evidence of motivation is crucial.

We like to see as wide a variety of work as possible. Quality is important not quantity: we would rather see what interests you, what excites you and what inspires you than test how much you can carry. Be selective and make sure you can talk about what you select.


Download BA (Hons) Interior Architecture and Design Portfolio Guidelines

Further information

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