Staff on the course

JR Ryan

Technician Demonstrator - Digital Illustration – Illustration

MA Graphic Design (AUB), PGDip Interactive Multimedia (Bath Spa), BA Product Design (BU)


JR has worked as a multidisciplinary designer for 20 years, working in web design/development, graphic design, product design, and fine art. He has gained degrees and qualifications in interactive multimedia, digital and graphic design, 3D modelling, and product design. JR has developed and delivered distance learning training courses in everything from computer programming, to video marketing, to web design and even computer repair. While studying at BU he was the founding President of the Design Society, a club for all artistic disciplines that is open to BU and AUB students alike. You can read more on JR’s website here.

Professional practice

JR is the Digital Specialist for Illustration and offers professional insight into the digital tools and techniques used in industry. He delivers workshops on subjects ranging from basic Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator skills to advanced animation and digital print preparation techniques. His practice outside of the university includes Jewellery design and silversmithing, product design, web consulting, and freelance graphic design.

Professional memberships

  • iED (2012)

Research Specialism

JR’s research is centred around how graphic design can affect a person’s subconscious bias when combined with the sort of psychological tools and hidden persuaders that are used in propaganda and marketing to manipulate thoughts and actions. For his MA, JR produced a system of anti-propaganda designed to deprogram these artificially influenced biases through the use of interactive design, gamification, social networking, and augmented reality. A working proof of concept was demonstrated as part of the AUB exhibition, Misc. (2018)

This research continues within the AUB Humans research group. You can read more here:

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