We’re looking for curious candidates, who produce creative and original work.

We’re looking for your portfolio to demonstrate your drawing, design and graphic skills. Try to think about drawing in the broadest possible way: illustrators use all kinds of approaches, media and processes in their work. We’d love to see your ability to experiment.

You should include a selection of the projects that you are working on in your current course and any self-initiated work that you’d like to show us.

We’d like to see examples of drawing, developmental work and finished outcomes. We are particularly interested to see your sketchbook and how research that you have done informs your practice.

You can download our portfolio guidelines for BA (Hons) Illustration for further guidance on putting together your portfolio.

You will need to be open and questioning on a whole range of topics, be they social, global, or environmental; all issues which are potentially the raw materials and subject areas for illustration projects.

We often recommend that A-Level students take a Foundation Diploma before applying for this degree, as this course requires a high degree of skill, technical knowledge and conceptual understanding.

For more information about how to apply and entry requirements, you can visit our apply section.