“When I left AUB I ended up doing a lot of military art for reference books. I went on to do some books for Dorling Kindersley Publishing before I was asked to work on Star Wars Licensing projects by Lucasfilm.

I ended up working at Sky Walker Ranch in California. Through that, I worked on Star Wars for 10 years. I did panels and conventions across the world, which were so much fun.

I worked on a big project for United Technologies’ Corporation (UTC). I went to China to illustrate a brand new factory and worked in Manhattan at DDB Advertising Agency helping to producing an award-winning set of adverts.

I also ran the art department for Hydroswing NA, who produce hydraulic doors for the aviation industry.

Art and design is like anything, you must train, and practice and above all love what you do. Just don’t accept second best, there are always jobs for the good people out there.

Always go for 100% and 100% will get easier and easier until it’s just what you do!”

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