What you’ll study

Level 4 (First Year)

Level 4 is all about experimentation and taking creative risks as you are introduced to the diversity of illustration.

The emphasis is on learning through gaining practical experience and critical reflection, in order to form your own unique visual vocabulary. You’ll attend workshops led by our dynamic group of tutors, as well as visiting lecturers with expertise in specialist areas.

You’ll undertake independent learning to help you develop ideas and outcomes through ongoing studio practice. You’ll test and discuss your ideas during tutorials and group critiques and benefit from regular formative feedback.

We encourage you to undertake independent research, evaluating and analysing your findings in relation to your Illustration practice.

Level 5 (Second Year)

At Level 5, your practice will become increasingly independent and critically reflective. You’ll develop a critical understanding of key concepts and principles. We’ll ask you to create a presentation of your study proposal.

Level 5 units give you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the eclectic nature of imagemaking and you’ll explore the synergy between traditional and digital modes. In doing so, we encourage you to challenge the parameters of your Illustration practice.

You’ll explore the evolving contents for Illustration and the place of your practice within the world that we live in. You’ll have the option of articulating your ideas through animation or printmaking, with the option of graduating with a specialist named award at the end of Level 6 – if this is appropriate to your practice and future career aspirations.

The specialist awards available are:

BA (Hons) Illustration (Animation)
BA (Hons) Illustration (Printmaking)

You’ll learn the professional skills that provide a foundation for the development of independent, entrepreneurial practitioners ready for Level 6 study.

Level 6 (Third Year)

At Level 6 the emphasis is on professionalism, ambition and innovation. You’ll be encouraged to manage your own practice.

Through the ‘Pre-Major Project’ and ‘Investigative Study’ you’ll identify the subject matter and contexts that influence and position your practice.

These findings will then be developed, tested and refined within the ‘Major Project’ and ‘Professional Practice’ units.

We’ll encourage you to relate your research and learning to you professional aspirations and you’ll build a portfolio of work that will prepare you for career opportunities within the creative industries.


Course Trips

As part of your course you may also get the opportunity to take part in course trips, previous trips have included:

  • London
  • Stourhead

*These trips are optional and some may incur additional costs