What You’ll Study

Year 1 (Level 4)

Your first year is about forming a foundation for good design knowledge as well as introducing you to the core skills of a professional Designer. This including design foundations such as design history with an emphasis of combining theory and practice in form of design projects.

You will be introduced to design tools and methods, making processes and techniques, design research and exploration as well as communication and presentation of your design concepts and solutions. Attending the course will support you in your independent decision making, you will be introduced to realistic self-assessment. This will build your resilience and confidence as a designer.

During year 1 you will start to think about your personal position as a designer. We will challenge your previous assumptions about design through the exploration of design ideas, critical thinking, visualisation skills and interpretation. You’ll attend specialist demonstrations and practical studio and workshop sessions.

Year 2 (Level 5)

The second year is a continuation of your first year during which we expect you to deepen your understanding of design and further develop your design practice. We will challenge your ability to communicate your concepts and solutions through projects, research, making and writing.

You will be living and breathing design through increased engagement with industry and society. We will encourage you to develop interests and lines of enquiry which will inform the choice of creative and career directions in third year. The journey through your 2nd year will be one of self-discovery, improved design skill sets, confidence building and independence.

Year 3 (Level 6)

Your third year will be a project driven year with opportunities to work on live industry briefs, enter competitions, write your own briefs and work collaboratively with other students in your year. The final year is exciting, intense and inherently more complex as it will be dominated by research driven project work.

Some of the project work will overlap, so you will have to manage your time well as you will be working to tight deadlines. You are encouraged to promote your professional intent, direction, creativity, individuality and strength in your specialist area.

There will be an opportunity to showcase your work at the end of the year in local and national graduate shows.