BA (Hons) coursesGraphic Design

Interviews and portfolios

What we look for:

A good portfolio. A passion for graphic design. An ability to articulate your work, be open minded about graphic design, have an understanding of the background behind graphic design. IT skills in (Photoshop and InDesign) are helpful but not mandatory.

At interview we are looking for applicants with motivation and who have shown commitment in their previous studies. Academic performance is also very important. We have an interest in people from a variety of different educational, social and cultural backgrounds. A-level candidates are very often recommended to possess a Foundation Diploma in addition to their A-level grades. This is because this course requires a high degree of skill, technical knowledge and conceptual understanding that cannot always be demonstrated through A-level study.

What do you need to see in my portfolio?

  • The portfolio should show evidence of; life and observational drawing, typographic design, photography, text and image.
  • Sketchbooks that explore mark making and idea generation and journals that chronicle idea development.
  • Finished work that shows attention to detail and good craft skills and work sheets that show an understanding of problem solving methodologies.
  • Portfolios should ideally contain drawing and photography plus evidence of an understanding of the design process.


Download BA (Hons) Graphic Design Portfolio Guidelines

Further information

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