BA (Hons) coursesFine Art

Course outline

Study time

Each unit, on every level of the course, has a specific amount of study hours allocated to it. These hours are divided between one to one tutorial time, workshops, group critiques, lectures, study visits, research and independent studio study. Technical support is also available on a needs be basis. We expect students to spend an average of 40 hours per week on their studies.

The course is broken down into the following formats of study:

Year 1

BA (Hons) Fine Art Course Outline

Year one builds upon your previous learning, you will experiment broadly and acquire new skills and knowledge, from a combination of both practice and theory sessions.

You will attend various workshops, learn about curating and exhibit your work. An important part of the first year is helping you to confidently speak and write about your work. In the final unit of this year, you will define your practice and determine which areas you wish to specialise in.

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Year 2

BA (Hons) Fine Art Course Outline

Year two will encourage and enable you to examine the positioning of your work within the fine art industries and to consider its relationship to audiences.

At the beginning of year two you will decide where to locate your practice, which practical working zone of the course to locate yourself in. The zones are PAINTLAB, 3D Assemblage, Clean Media. (includes video, performance, drawing) You can also move between zones.

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Year 3

BA (Hons) Fine Art Course Outline

In Year 3 you’ll continue to develop and refine your understanding of your own practice, specifically the Fine Art discipline, the language it operates within and how it is interpreted by viewers.

This is the crucial year where you consolidate your previous experience and experiments and pursue a focused practice. This is celebrated in your two degree exhibitions, one at AUB and one in London, allowing your work to be viewed by hundreds of people and giving you a springboard into professional life.

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