We’re looking for students who are passionate about film and who possess an understanding of and commitment to the industry.

On graduating from AUB, it’s extremely likely that you will become a freelancer and will need to take a proactive approach to potential employment and employers. Because of this, we look for students who have taken the initiative, accomplished actual projects and have some paid or unpaid work experience.

Film is a fast-moving profession, requiring resilience and commitment to long, demanding hours. Film practitioners must continually create, invent and adapt and our students must be willing to do the same. A demonstrable interest in film and cinema is essential.

Students entering the course are often recommended to possess a Foundation Diploma; this is because the course requires a degree of skill, technical knowledge and conceptual understanding that cannot always be demonstrated through Level 3 study alone.

Your portfolio

We’ll expect to see contextual work, which can include a short five-minute film or showreel, or an extensive visual portfolio. Work which you have produced in your own time will not only strengthen your portfolio, but will display commitment, personal interest and demonstrate a wider appreciation of the visual arts.

Film is both a visual and an aural medium and we would expect to see evidence of ability in either or both of these areas. We’ll be particularly interested in how you have responded to a given brief, together with any self-initiated projects.

You can download our portfolio guidelines for BA (Hons) Film Production for further guidance here.