Industry-standard specialist machinery and virtual prototyping software

Our dedicated fashion studios are equipped with a range of state-of-the-art industry-standard specialist machinery.


Lectra technology, which is used widely throughout the industry, is an integral part of our curriculum at AUB. AUB was one of the first UK Universities to implement and deliver the exciting 3D prototyping technology back in 2005. Since then, AUB’s digital fashion specialism has continued to evolve and technology is integrated throughout the curriculum. Students are offered the opportunity to major in Fashion Design and Technology and also specialise in a fully virtual final collection.

AUB is constantly researching into the most innovative areas of the industry and most recently has added CLO 3D to its fashion offer. This has been integrated into digital fashion practices allowing students freedom in 3D design and innovative pattern cutting.

The course also provides:

  • The most up-to-date computers with top of the range graphics cards to support the virtual prototyping 3D programs.
  • Plotter-printer which accommodates finalised lay plans and allows full scale pattern printing.
  • Access to specialist workshops and equipment for the production and manufacture of accessories, specialist fashion garments and technology.
  • Final year students will be supplied with Lectra software and licenses for their personal computers, offering our students the flexibility to work outside University hours on their final major project and personal development projects.
  • Three digital studios, three working studios and a dedicated sewing room with access to a seminar and theory room for lectures and tutorials.
  • The Library includes a unique collection of fashion and sub-culture magazines dating from the 1950s to the present day and the Museum of Design in Plasticscontains design objects for students to draw and analyse, particularly fashion garments.

Subject specialists and visiting professionals bring a range of additional knowledge, experience and fashion currency.