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Course Overview

Please note: this course is not recruiting for 2014/15

Digital technology is part of our daily lives. As a media designer you have the ability to make that experience better by guiding, surprising and even entertaining users. This course takes you to the forefront of digital media production whether that’s creating viral marketing, an intuitive DVD menu, motion graphics for advertising, publishing for the iPad, or promoting the latest film online. The course stresses the importance of communication so that design and content are a creative and relevant answer to professional briefs. You’ll be challenged to use strong conceptual thinking across a broad range of digital media technologies including video, sound, streaming media, 3D computer graphics, viral and performance video. You’ll also have the chance to work in new media companies where you can develop your own specialism and pursue your career aspirations.

This course is accredited by Creative Skillset.

Digital fluency is a core skill in all our subjects and any young professional embarking on a career in the creative sector will be digital savy . AUB is committed to providing its students with the most up to date digital practices in all the subjects we teach, be photography, fashion or film.

To celebrate some of the amazing and varied work which has been produced on this degree, here are some examples of student work:

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  • QAA 2011

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