“I have a tonne of passion for what we’re doing and that’s what you need to get out of bed in the morning. It has to be real, because people can sniff out a fake.

I like having fun, I like talking to people and that’s just natural. If I’m not wearing my hat and doing my Jimmy thing, and I go to somewhere where people don’t know me, I’m still gonna be cheerful, be happy, look people in the eye, try and high-five them if I can.

As soon as we could afford to get a decent working space we went all guns blazing to make the office an amazing place. We like open spaces, we do standing desks, and we have our skate ramp and we have a fully functioning kitchen with a pizza oven. You’re just doing something to make people feel more comfortable at work.

You have to keep everyone just living and breathing what you do. If they go out for dinner or come home from work, the last thing you want is them slagging off your company. It’s amazing when you do get the right people. It’s beautiful actually.

When I go to a talk, Im happy to say what our darkest day was. It’s not all glory because that’s just not real. There are companies who started at the same time as us that are doing quadruple the turnover that we are – but it’s not about turnover for us, it’s something so much more.”


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