“I started at Greenbelt Festival as programme coordinator, where I did all the administration. I worked everything from the main stage music to the kids, youth, comedy and worship programmes. Then things started to ramp up. I was doing all the admin, artist information, riders, contracts and logistics.

I was managing the the volunteer team, the front-of-house team, the artist liaison team, the hospitality team and the stage management team.

During that first year of working on the festival, I found out my boss was changing jobs. This meant I sort-of ended up doing his job as well. I was managing the entire programme at the festival It was brilliant. I bloody loved it! I got promoted to festival producer – I was designing the venues at the festival, making sure they had the right feel. We had a core team of 12 staff and 2,000 volunteers.

When I’d been at Greenbelt for over three years, I decided to go freelance. I spent a short time as production coordinator and office manager for In The Woods music festival.

After six months of freelancing, I got a job at the City of London Festival. Every year, the festival included a concert in St. Paul’s Cathedral with the London Symphony Orchestra. It was a big deal!

When I decided that I wanted to move on, the job came up at the Cutty Sark. When I started, I was tasked with programming three seasons a year – spring, Edinburgh and an autumn season – in the Michael Edwards Studio Theatre in the ship.

I remember sitting with my boss in the cafe, looking down the ship and suggesting a ceilidh. He gave me the freedom to have an idea and run with it. The event sold out!

A full-time programming job on a ship is quite unique. With a space like this to work with, it’s just incredible.”