In each year of the course you will have the opportunity to produce a creative, live event.

At Level 4 you will work to a tutor brief.  At Level 5 you will have to work to a client brief thus experience the complexities of partnership working akin to the real world of live events.  At Level 6 you will be ready to come up with your own idea and to plan and deliver it.

All of this is very much in accordance with our ‘learning by doing’ ethos. You will have the exciting opportunity of being able to put your skills and knowledge of creative events management into practice  In doing so you are encouraged to work with students from other courses as well as external partners.

Our live event teams frequently work with students from other courses including designers, videographers, photographers, costume makers and fine artists as collaborators, documenters and, of course, as creative content providers.

You’ll find a selection of events in the archive below. You can also read about some of our most recent events here.