BA (Hons) Costume alumna, Jodie Gardner, and her friend Harriet Creedy met at school in 1996. 20 years later, they’re creating work together as Hattie & Flora for everyone from Jamie Oliver to Google.

Jodie: We were both freelancing from Northampton and then we started working on projects together. Harriet had a big Indian wedding and I remember her saying, ‘I’ve got a massive job on—can you come and help me?’ We did more and more projects together as it was such good fun.

Harriet: We thought, if this is what makes us happy, then let’s do it full time. We both moved to Hertfordshire around the same time and we got a space together in St Albans. We’ve moved almost every year since then because we’ve grown so quickly. Our first unit was tiny—it was about 100 square feet and our current space is around 4,000 square feet.

Jodie: We’ve got many people with a range of skills on our books. If we’ve got a mural to create, we’ll design it in the studio and then we’ll have our mural painter come in and do it. We’ve even got someone who does metalwork for us now. It opens doors for us—we design with all kinds of materials now.

Harriet: We have set events that we do every year and then we have brand new ones that come in. We do The Big Feastival for Jamie Oliver and we love that. We’ve done that for five years running now, since it first started on Clapham Common.

Jodie: We do Carfest twice a year and Children In Need—all with the same project manager. We recognise the teams at different events as everyone has their favourite suppliers. It’s amazing how small the circles are in the end. A lot of people also find us online via our website and social media too. One of our clients is Google HQ, who found us on Google! That made us smile.

Harriet: We make quite a lot of furniture for Google HQ in London and weird props for their conference areas. You would think the offices would look like normal offices, but it’s so quirky in there.

Jodie: We’re constantly making new things for them. Everything has to look amazing and unique there. They have a budget to keep changing the environment.They’ve got caravans as offices and booths where people can nap during the day to make them more productive.

You can find out more about Hattie and Flora here.