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Commercial Photography capture New York for British Airways

BA (Hons) Commercial Photography Student Course news / Make / Industry News – Published 1st Jun 16

In February 2016 BA (Hons) Commercial Photography visited to New York to capture the city for British Airways High Life.

High Life asked a group of first year students: “If you’re a photography student trying to make your name, how do you ensure your New York pictures stand out?”  They were then asked to describe how they got their shots.

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Commercial Photography work on the cover of Financial Times Magazine

BA (Hons) Commercial Photography Graduate / Alumni Course news / Make / Achieve / Industry News – Published 23rd Oct 15

BA (Hons) Commercial Photography graduate Adama Jalloh has her work on the cover of Financial Times Magazine.

Adama Jalloh graduated in July 2015, and during her final year she was awarded the BJP Breakthrough Award. We spoke to Adama at Sharp Cut in London where she was exhibiting her final year work.

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Date Night Cookbook

BA (Hons) Commercial Photography Alumni Course news / Make / Achieve / Industry News – Published 5th Oct 15

BA (Hons) Commercial Photography graduate Rebecca Warbis has had her ‘Date Night Cookbook’ published.

Date Night Cookbook is based on DIY dating, with each chapter centred around a different theme and all the recipes tried and tested by Rebecca and her partner.

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Mariele Neudecker MoDiP Residency

BA (Hons) Commercial Photography / MoDiP Course news / Make / Inspire / Collaborate / Industry News in MoDiP – Published 9th Jun 15

Mariele Neudecker has been working with MoDiP and AUB students during her residency at AUB.

Neudecker established a systematic method to select 40 boxes from the Museum of Design in Plastics (MoDiP) collection and arranged the contents of each as tabletop still lives. She photographed each arrangement, dramatically lit, in the idiom of 17th century Dutch Vanitas still lives: exquisite paintings of everyday objects that intimate the transience of life.

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Marina Ortega wins Royal Photographic Society’s Hall Marriott Essay Prize

BA (Hons) Commercial Photography Course news / Make / Achieve / Industry News – Published 26th May 15

BA (Hons) Commercial Photography is pleased to report that Marina Ortega has been announced as the recipient of the 3rd place prize in the Royal Photographic Society’s Hall Marriott Essay Prize.

The prize, awarded to an essay addressing an aspect of photographic history, was awarded to Marina for her investigation into notions of truth in documentary practices as they relate to images dating from the Spanish Civil War to more contemporary works. 

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PDN 30 / 30 Awards

BA (Hons) Commercial Photography Course news / Achieve / Industry News – Published 16th Mar 15

BA (Hons) Commercial Photography alumni Katrina Tang and Benjamin McMahon have been listed for PDN‘s ’30 photographers under 30’ to watch.

Each year since 1999, the editors of PDN have selected 30 emerging photographers who represent a variety of styles and genres and have demonstrated a distinctive vision, creativity, and versatility. This year, the editors reviewed the work of more than 300 photographers from around the world. To be considered, the photographers must have been shooting on their own professionally for five years or less. Most were nominated by photo editors, art directors, curators, educators and fellow photographers around the world, and some were invited by editors based on work seen in promotions, portfolio reviews or photo contests.

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