What you’ll study

Level 4 (First Year)

In your first year, we’ll provide you with a sound conceptual, knowledge and skill base for the study of the subject.

Units at Level 4 are designed to introduce you to the conceptual and practical skills and processes necessary for making an architectural proposition. We’ll cover specialist knowledge in technology and environment and how these inform architectural design.

We’ll introduce you to the skills and methodologies of analysing and communicating an architectural proposition and an understanding of theoretical aspects of architectural design and the wider cultural context in which art, design and media exists.

A programme of studio projects, lectures, seminars, visits, case studies, guided reading and tutorials will be used to disseminate information and concepts and to develop your understanding of the subject.

We place considerable importance on learning through practical experience within studio-based projects. This helps you to gain experience through learning by experimentation and discovery and provides opportunities for you to develop abilities through individual work and group interaction.

Level 5 (Second Year)

In your second year, you’ll explore issues around building in an urban context and future scenarios for architecture. You’ll research, measure, analyse, and create a representation of a local urban site, and speculate about the future.

You’ll propose innovative and thoughtful interventions and urban spaces to house public activities associated with the economic and physical opportunities of the area.

Throughout the year, you’ll continue to increase your professional competence through the development of skills, knowledge and understanding. Project work, although having defined aims and objectives, will allow you to decide upon personal solutions for architectural propositions.

You’ll extend your knowledge of the realisation of architectural propositions through the study of construction, structure and environmental control. The special technical issues of building with existing buildings and their role in a sustainable city will be considered.

Your communication skills will be developed, added to, and applied in the research, analysis, and development of an existing environment and the making of an architectural proposition. Theory and history will inform the understanding of cultural context. These units will develop your research and analytical skills.

Visiting lecturers and subject specialists will be invited to contribute their knowledge to your development.

Level 6 (Third Year)

Your third year begins with experimentation through research by making. You’ll go on to explore the ways that these ideas can inform a single architectural challenge.

You’ll explore architectural design as one of the ways in which our built environment is conceived and perceived. You’ll focus on contemporary issues of architecture, responding to the social context of architectural practice.

You’ll look at the role of the architect alongside the motivations of clients, development, construction, planning, legal regulation and wider social, economic and cultural values.

You’ll demonstrate skills in models, drawings and digital media and produce a portfolio of work to prepare you for employment or post-graduate study (including MArch Part 2 here at AUB).


Course Trips

As part of your course you may also get the opportunity to take part in course trips, previous trips have included:

  • Berlin
  • London
  • Venice
  • Rome
  • Paris
  • Barcelona

*These trips are optional and some may incur additional costs