This course aims to develop highly skilled, insightful and creative graduates. Applicants will need to show creativity, self-motivation, passion and enthusiasm towards a career in architecture.

Entry Requirements

You can take a look at our entry requirements here. Your qualifications should include a relevant creative subject and we accept a wide range of Level Three qualifications.

If you are taking non-standard qualifications, we may request a portfolio or sample of your work before we make a decision about your application. You can take a look at our portfolio guidelines here.


Portfolio Guidelines

Architecture interviews are usually held on a Friday or Saturday.

Every Friday we have a guest lecture or event at 12 noon. Friday interviews – you will be invited to arrive at 11.30 and the interviews will include a tour, hands on activity; meet the students activities, and a 20 minute portfolio review.

Saturday interviews will not include the guest lecture and may be a morning or afternoon slot.

Portfolios are an excellent opportunity for you to demonstrate to us your self-motivation and commitment to your area of study.

  • We would like to see portfolios that demonstrate a range of creative and representational media, including various forms of drawing, collage, photography, digital media, sculpture and three-dimensional making (from current or past courses of study).
  • We will be particularly interested in exploring how you have responded to a given brief or task from your school or college.
  • We will expect to see written as well as contextual work, with samples of three dimensional pieces you have produced or a photographic record of them
  • We would also like to see sketchbooks that demonstrate thinking and curiosity, and some observational drawing.
  • We like to see expressive, creative drawing. CAD or technical drawing is not a requirement, but do include some if you have any.


Electronic Portfolio

If you are unable to attend interview Admissions will request a link to an online portfolio. Please do not submit a portfolio until you have this request which will give details of how to submit to admissions. We will require a digital portfolio of approximately 20 images. Please use the above guidelines to help you prepare.