BA (Hons) coursesArchitecture (ARB/RIBA Part 1)

Interviews and portfolios

Interviews are an opportunity for you to demonstrate to us your self-motivation and commitment to studying architecture.

Architecture interviews are usually held on a Friday or Saturday.

Every Friday, we have a guest lecture or event at 12 noon. You are invited to arrive early so that you can attend this event.

The half-day Friday afternoon interviews (12:00-17:00) usually include a tour, ‘meet the students’ activities, and a 20 minute portfolio interview.

We also offer Saturday interviews (10am-1pm).


We like to see portfolios that demonstrate a rich variety of creative and representational media, including various forms of drawing, with some observational examples, as well as collage, photography, and digital media.

There is no set requirement: we want to see your unique interests and strengths.

We like to see evidence of materials, sculpture and three-dimensional making (or a photographic record of them).

Sketchbooks demonstrating research, thinking and curiosity are very helpful. We like to see expressive, creative drawing. Work can be from current or past courses of study.

We will be interested in exploring how you have responded to a given brief or task from your school or college.

If you can also provide samples of work that you have produced outside of your studies this will also help reinforce your portfolio.

CAD or technical drawing is not a requirement, but do please include some if you have done any. However, evidence of relevant work placement is very beneficial.


This course aims to develop highly skilled, insightful and creative graduates. Applicants will need to show creativity, self-motivation, passion and enthusiasm towards a career in architecture.

You will need to be able to demonstrate three-dimensional making abilities, observational drawing skills, curiosity and problem-solving skills, contextual knowledge of architecture and an interest in the design of both domestic and public places.


Download our BA (Hons) Architecture Portfolio Guidelines


You can also find more information about how to apply and entry requirements.