Your interview gives you the opportunity to demonstrate your self-motivation and commitment to studying Animation. We’re looking for individuals who show the dedication, stamina and self-discipline required to produce work to the highest standards.

Being able to work in a team is an important requirement of this course. We’ll be looking for team skills, as well as a commitment to developing your animation skills through observational drawing.

Your portfolio

You can download our portfolio guidelines for BA (Hons) Animation Production for further guidance here.

A key focus of our BA (Hons) Animation Production course is drawing for animation and so we are looking for portfolios that demonstrate strong life drawing work, painting skills, character design and storyboards.

We don’t need to see actual animation work, but we like to see a sense of movement, narrative and storytelling in your portfolio.

We expect to see evidence of research and exploration – the sort of work you’ll have in your sketchbooks.

We sometimes recommend that students undertake a Foundation diploma before studying on the BA (Hons) Animation Production course. This will help you develop your drawing skills to a high standard.