Nicola Coppack graduated from the BA (Hons) Animation Production course in 2008.

She then worked for three years as an animator at Fabrique d’ Images in Luxembourg on various projects, including animates series Pipi, Pupu and Rosemary and Grenadine et Mentalo.

In 2011, she worked as a freelance animator for London-based animation studio Karrot, before returning to Fabrique d’Images, this time as Animation Team Leader for animated children’s’ series Michel.

In 2012, whilst still working at Fabrique d’ Images she wrote and directed the short film The Night Light Monster. Her experience with art directing in a studio environment then enabled her move her focus from animation to production design.

In 2013 Nicola spent a year in Melbourne, Australia to work as background artist on an animated tv movie for Bogan Entertainment Solutions.

Returning to the UK in 2014, she began work as an Art Director with Karrot Animation in London, where she works today.

She said: My time spent at the AUB was invaluable. The course provides a great place for students to explore the different stages involved in animation production and allow them to focus on skills that are key in the animation industry.

My personal experience of working as an Animator, Production Artist and Director at AUB helped prepare me for an Art Directing role where being able to work closely with a team and understand the full pipeline of an animated production is essential – and much sought after!

The internships offered on the course are a highlight and the best way to gain experience and meet people in the industry preparing students with contacts for when they leave the course.”