Magnus Kråvik and Katerina Pantela both graduated from BA (Hons) Animation Production in 2012. Shortly after, they were both offered jobs in animation in Dublin, Ireland, and moved there together.

Katerina started work as a 2D Animator for Boulder Media, while Magnus went to Brown Bag Films as a Storyboard Revisionist.

After a year and a half, Magnus joined Katerina to also work as a 2D animator at Boulder, where they worked on the second season of the Annie-awarded animated series, Wonder Over Yonder.

Katerina then went to Brown Bag Films to work as 2D Artist/Designer while Magnus went freelance, working mainly for Brown Bag as a storyboard artist, but also for Mikrofilm as an animator on various projects.

Katerina and Magnus have attended film festivals and animation events and worked on various personal projects on the side, both individually and often as duo. They said:

Our time on the Animation Production course at AUB was a great starting point for our careers, where we learned the key skills and methods that we are still using and developing today.

The focus at AUB on keeping a sketchbook and observing from real life has been an invaluable asset for our continued development.

Additionally, we had access to great facilities and resources in both the academic and practical sense that allowed us to delve deeper into specific areas of interest.

The strong focus at AUB on being self-reliant, as well as developing through teamwork, was great practice for working with others. We learned how to both give and take constructive criticism in a professional environment.

We also made a great network of friends; people who we keep running into in our jobs.

During our time at AUB we also had the opportunity to do a work placement at the Fabrique d’Images in Luxembourg where we learned new skills that were crucial for our work both at AUB and in the industry.

All in all, the course provided us with a great foundation to get into industry and a work practice to keep developing after leaving the course.

Magnus is currently back at Boulder Media, as an in-house storyboard artist. Katerina is working for the Cartoon Saloon as a 2D Animator.