What you’ll study

Level 4 (First Year)

Show business is notoriously demanding. We’ll give you practical insights and help you build motivation and self-discipline. Even the strong academic element is approached through practice to underline the vocational nature of this course.

Level 4 introduces you to the the tools and techniques that will help you create performances for realistic drama on stage and screen.

The work is Stanislavski-based, and you’ll be introduced to the core intellectual, imaginative and physical skills that you will need to learn and develop. Your first year provides a foundation, allowing you to develop a methodological approach to psychophysical acting.

You’ll work through a series of practical, studio-based acting exercises and projects that are underpinned by seminar and lecture-based classes. These provide additional literary, theoretical and historical contexts for your practical work.

Throughout your first year you will also attend movement, voice and singing classes. These are highly practical classes that aim to provide you with the specific skills and experiences that will further support your work on the acting units and will introduce you to the particularities of these individual disciplines.

By the end of Level 4 you will have a sound knowledge of the basic concepts of acting.

Level 5 (Second Year)

At Level 5, you’ll create more advanced work that focuses on aspects of dramatic structure.

You’ll further develop your investigative skills in relation to the world of the play, and explore the demands of different kinds of dramatic structures and styles of performance, nationally and internationally, and their implications for the actor.

By the end of Level 5, you’ll be able to distinguish between realistic and epic styles and identify your work in the context of an international performance community.

You’ll learn to see the audience as an integral factor in the creative process. Practical work takes the form of workshops, leading to performances which will be viewed by an internal audience.

You’ll continue to develop a personal methodological approach to acting which will be evidenced in your practical work and in your Process and Performance Evaluations.

You’ll continue to attend movement, voice and singing classes. By the end of this stage in the course, you should be confident in your ability to organise your working methods.

At the end of Level 5, you’ll have developed investigative techniques, textual analysis skills, and physical/vocal skills at a higher level.

Level 6 (Third Year)

Level 6 encourages you to extend the scope and depth of your exploration of the acting process by providing you with a range of creative challenges.

You’ll collaborate to create professional-quality film and theatre productions in various locations, including our own studio theatre and other public venues. Your professional networking for industry begins right here.

One of the key focuses of your third year is on preparing you with the necessary skills and knowledge to manage your career. You’ll develop an understanding of the business aspects of being an actor, along with audition/interview techniques and awareness.

In preparation for professional life, this year will focus on work-related study in theatre production.

You’ll be given the opportunity to test the working methods that you have developed at Levels 4 and 5 by applying them to the creation of a series of characters in plays that will vary in the range and complexity of their demands.

Your third year asks you to evaluate your development as an artist and to consider your strengths and weaknesses.

The Investigative Study unit gives you the opportunity to pursue a course of advanced independent research, demonstrating your skills in research, analysis, and criticism.