What students are doing


Clowning in movement, second term, second year.

Year 2 Internal collaboration

The Roof

We took a trip to the Arts by the sea festival and saw the Roof.

Year 1 Course visit / trip

Psychological Realism

Term two - Stan the Man

Year 1 Internal collaboration


A collaboration with costume students on their character costume design for Rigoletto

Year 2 Cross-course collaboration, Live Project


From the beginning of the second year alone, there has been a surge in the specialist books for Acting.

Year 2 Research into the industry, writting, essay

On a day off

There is never really a moment off for the creative mind but if you have some time to kill or just really need some time to kill...

Year 1 Enviroment, Neighbourhood, Food, Socialising

First Term Productions

Third year is the time we put our skills to practice.

Year 3 Cross-course collaboration

Jam Sponge (Extended Major Project)

In the second term, we were set the task of creating a 15 minute performance from scratch for our Extended Major Project.

Year 3 Internal collaboration, Live Project

Oh! What A Lovely War – Final Performance

Our final performance in third year was Oh! What A Lovely War staged at a 600-seat professional theatre.

Year 3 Cross-course collaboration, Internal collaboration, Live Project

Studio Theatre

Performing in the Studio Theatre.

Year 1 Internal collaboration, Exhibition

EdComs Placement

Working with three fellow students, I created STAR (Space Travel Across Realms).

Year 3 Industry placement


The myths of headshots were unravelled and a professional photographer came onto campus to save us all.

Year 3 Headshots, professional presentation, industry preparation, employability

Industry Preparation

Our course leader organised and took us through the essentials so that we entered the industry prepared.

Year 3 Employability, professional preparation

Restaurants in Bournemouth

Quality food for student prices.

Year 2 lifestyle, student life,

Acting through song

Using the skills that we would apply to a character from a play and applying them to songs.

Year 2 Internal collaboration


In the Recorded performance unit we learn how to act for camera and radio.

Year 1 Cross-course collaboration


To talk about Shakespeare, or not to talk about Shakespeare, that is the question.

Year 2 Internal collaboration

Applied Theatre

Applied Theatre, term three, year two.

Year 2 Internal collaboration

Year 2

Level 5 involves more advanced work, concerned with aspects of dramatic structure and the implications of style for the...

Playing Dress Up

Dressing up for characters.

Year 1 Cross-course collaboration


Quite possibly the scariest world in the entire world, our Dissertation was set and suddenly, became less scary.

Year 3 Writing, essay structure, research

First Show

The first show of the year

Year 3 Cross-course collaboration

An interesting place to rehearse

Taking our scene into the great outdoors.

Year 1 Internal collaboration

Final Production

Final year shows at the Lighthouse and Pavilion Dance South West

Year 3 Cross-course collaboration

Greek Chorus

Greek Chorus in Movement Term 1

Year 2 Internal collaboration

The Actor Creator

Creating and Devising our own work.

Year 2 Internal collaboration


Experimenting with radio.

Year 1 Internal collaboration

Shakespeare Unit

We were welcomed into Second Year with Shakespeare! A beautifully intensive unit that exercised all that we had learned in first...

Year 2 Internal collaboration, Rehearsal Process

Year 3

Level 6 encourages you to extend the scope and depth of your exploration of the acting process by providing you with a range of...


An exploration into the world of the Le Coq clown

Year 2 Internal collaboration, Performance

B&M Work Opportunity

Creating a website got me my first paid screen acting role!

Year 3 Industry placement, Employed work

Story Telling!

A similar experience to the Shakespeare unit where vocal quality and language were highly important.

Year 2 Rehearsal Process


Recorded performance working with the film students.

Year 1 Cross-course collaboration

Season’s Greetings

In the first term of third year, we starred in our first performance that was open to the public.

Year 3 Cross-course collaboration, Internal collaboration, Live Project

Show Marketing

Each term there are two productions; one you star in, and one you help to run - I chose to expand my skills and market the shows!

Year 3 Internal collaboration, Live Project

Who Are You? Campaign

I was approached by the AUB Marketing Team and asked to present the video campaign for their annual competition 'Who Are You?'

Year 3 Live Project, Employed work


Psychological Realism - a term of exploring skills in acting, voice, movement and song.

Year 1 Exhibition

Applied Theatre

Devising a piece of a Applied Theatre based on a topic of our choice.

Year 2 Internal collaboration

Second Year!

Summary of second year.

Year 2 Internal collaboration

Rehearsal form

Rehearsal are a part of the daily life of an actor so here I will be taking you on a journey through a rehearsal of Sylvia.

Year 1 Internal collaboration

Course Collaboration

Working with other courses

Year 3 Cross-course collaboration

Year 1

Level 4 provides a foundation, allowing you to develop a methodological approach to psychophysical acting.Your first year...


Discovering how to create different accents and the places in which they originate.

Year 1 Internal collaboration

Negotiated Practice

A term to explore our craft

Year 3 Internal collaboration

Designed Gadgets

An external company visited the University to audition actors to become the face of their new company.

Year 3 Employed work

Culture Shock

Moving to another country is never easy, but somehow I did not expect England to be all that different from Iceland. How I was...

Year 1 International Experience


As a part of our recorded performance we filmed our own films.

Year 1 Internal collaboration

Bournemouth Student Life

What we students get up to in Bournemouth

Year 3


When we're not acting, were crewing.

Year 3 Internal collaboration


Site-reading in voice, year 2, term 2

Year 2 Internal collaboration