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Senior Lecturer BA (Hons) Acting stars in Carnival of Objects ‘The Sea’

BA (Hons) Acting Staff Course news / Industry News – Published 16th Jun 17

The Sea, a production by Carnival of Objects is showing at The Shelley Theatre on the 24th and 25th June starring Jonny Hoskins, Senior Lecturer BA (Hons) Acting.

The Sea is a haunting yarn set in the wilds of the Western Isles. Beautiful music, grotesque puppetry, mask theatre, poetic verse and evocative soundscapes interact to create an eerie lament of love, brutality and loss.

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AUB students deliver 24-hour brief for Activate

BA (Hons) Acting / Creative Events Management / Costume and Performance Design / Make-up for Media and Performance Student Course news / Industry news / Collaborate / Engage – Published 19th Apr 17

18 BA (Hons) Acting, Costume and Performance DesignCreative Events Management and Make-up for Media and Performance students recently collaborated with outdoor theatre specialists And Now and creative producers Activate to deliver a 24-hour brief.

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Acting students collaborate with Arts4Dementia

BA (Hons) Acting Student Course news / Industry news / Engage – Published 23rd Mar 17

Second year BA (Hons) Acting students have partnered with Arts4Dementia on a series of workshops.

Students will work with participants with early-stage dementia, as well as their families and carers. The workshops are part of the course’s Applied Theatre Project, which encourages students to collaborate with specific target groups outside of the course.

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Acting Alumni production to show at Edinburgh Fringe Festival

BA (Hons) Acting Alumni Course news / Industry news / Achieve – Published 3rd Mar 17

BA (Hons) Acting Alumni Elliot Warren and Olivia Brady’s production, FLESH & BONE will be showing at Pleasance Courtyard at Edinburgh Fringe Festival, having won £10,000 as part of the Charlie Hartill Fund.

The pair started Unpolished Theatre Company in September 2016 and Flesh and Bone is their first show. Described as “A show that gives the gritty residents of an East London Tower Block a stage, through their wickedly eloquent voices we are thrust into their stories, held by the scruff of the neck, and made to listen” FLESH & BONE follows the lives of five characters, three of which are played by AUB Alumni, Elliot Warren, Olivia Brady and Alessandro Babalola.

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The Ghost of Mr. Dickens

BA (Hons) Acting Alumni Course news / Industry News – Published 16th Dec 16

In January 2017, Untold Theatre will be producing an exciting piece of new writing, The Ghosts of Mr. Dickens, which will tour theatres and community venues across the UK.

Untold Theatre was founded three years ago by BA (Hons) Acting graduates, Jessica Levinson Young and Joseph Rynhart.

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The Bard meets Brexit: Alumni tour ‘The Tempest’

BA (Hons) Acting Course news / Make / alumni / Industry News – Published 27th Jul 16

Untold Theatre was founded by two BA (Hons) Acting graduates Joseph Rynhart and Jessica Levinson Young.

This Autumn they are collaborating with another theatre company, Yellowbelly Theatre (Will Hobby and Grace Noble). Together, they are touring a production of The Tempest across the country – to theatres, community venues and places of education.

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Acting alumna joins cast of The Lion King

BA (Hons) Acting Alumni Course news / Industry News – Published 16th Jun 16

BA (Hons) Acting alumna Dominique Planter recently joined the West End cast of The Lion King and performed her opening show on 10th May.

Dominique said: “The audition process involved several rounds, with various vocal and dance calls in different stages. Then I got to the final call, which is when you meet all the Disney executives.

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Acting alumnus cast in high profile musical

BA (Hons) Acting Graduate / Alumni Course news / Achieve / Industry News – Published 2nd Jun 16

BA (Hons) Acting alumnus, Joshua Barton, has been cast in the UK tour of Roddy Doyle’s West End musical, The Commitments.

The show tells the story of Jimmy Rabbitte, a young working class music fan, who shapes an unlikely bunch of amateur musicians and friends into an amazing live act, the finest soul band Dublin has ever produced.

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Acting alumnus in BBC3 comedy series

BA (Hons) Acting Alumni Course news / Make / Industry News – Published 10th May 16

BA (Hons) Acting alumnus, Nick Fruin, is currently appearing in BBC3 comedy series Witless.

Nick graduated in 2013 and has now secured the role of DJ Sound as F*** in the new BBC3 comedy series, which follows the lives of two flat-mates under witness protection.

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